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How to Clear Config Cache in Laravel


2 years ago


In this snippet, you will learn how to clear all of the config caches in Laravel by using the artisan command as well as programmatically calling it from the back-end code.

Using Artisan Command

To clear the config using the artisan command, you can simply run "config:clear" from your terminal/command line.
php artisan config:clear
This command will clear all the cached configuration of a file that's inside the "config" directory.

Clear Config Cache In Laravel Programmatically

To clear the config cache programmatically you can make use of that Artisan facade. For the code example below you can define a new route called "/clear-config-cache" and this will clear all the configurations when the URL path is accessed.

Route::get('/clear-config-cache', function () {

Other Clear Caching Reads

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