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Bitcoin (BTC) QR Code Generator

Simple Bitcoin (BTC) QR code generator that can convert Bitcoin address into QR Code to send payments


2 years ago

About Bitcoin (BTC) QR Code Generator

Generate BTC QR code to send payments using our Simple BTC QR Code Generator. Make use of this tool to simply generate any BTC QR Code to send payments and share with others. You can easily download the QR code locally and save it for later.

You can use this tool in 3 easy steps.
  1. Input your BTC address and the amount to receive
  2. Press Generate QR Code button
  3. Share with others or download it to your device
The generated QR code can now be shared with your friends and anyone that you want to receive payments. To scan the QR code you can simply open up your Camera Application or use "QR Code Scanner" that you can download for your own device. Upon scanning, you will automatically open your crypto application such as Luno or CoinBase and it will be ready to send the payment.

The QR Code Generator supports Bitcoin (BTC) at the moment.
Send payment to BTC QR Code Example

For example, do scan the QR code above using your device camera application, if it is able to identify the QR code then it will prompt you to open your Crypto apps such as Luno or CoinBase.

How to use Bitcoin (BTC) QR Code Generator?

Step 1

Enter Bitcoin Address and Amount

Step 2

Press Generate QR Code Button

Step 3

Share or Download QR Code

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