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Welcome to PostSrc Version 2 cover

Welcome to PostSrc Version 2

PostSrc is version 2 now, find out what we have built so far for the community.

4 weeks ago

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Welcome to PostSrc Version 2 everyone. This is just a short announcement for the website update/status.

It's been over a year since the site launched and we are really proud of the milestone that has been achieved. PostSrc started with a detached architecture with Laravel being the backend and NuxtJs as the front-end and since then we have re-written it into a full Laravel application using TALL stack (Tailwind, Alpine, Larave, and Livewire).

NuxtJs is very fun to develop and on top of all it's very fast but after some time of using it, we still find that full-fledged Laravel with the TALL stack is our preferred choice.

Version 2
Behind the scene, we are fully using Laravel now and in this version, we have enhanced and added more features to the site. We have the Start Learning section as well as the Code Snippets section which provides different content than the usual post blog. There will be more in the upcoming weeks but some of the additional enhancements will be on the UI and UX side.

Thank you for the support everyone and Happy Coding!

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Full stack developer mainly focusing on the front end side of the web. The main author of PostSrc and loves writing tutorial and guides online.