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Top 3 stock images source for developers and designers

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Stock Images is very important and it's used for many things from Designing, Web user interface assets, and many others. Below are the top 3 places where you can get these stock images for free and in high definition. You can use it in most of your projects for free with an exception which is to include and add credit when using the image.
The list below goes from the most popular one but regardless of that, all of them have many high-quality photos.
Unsplash Homepage
Unsplash has been around for some years and it's by far the largest collection of free stock images that's available on the internet. You can search almost anything or search it by category. It's also very convenient that they allow us to manipulate the image before downloading which means the image can be optimized before even downloading it.
Pexels Homepage
The second on the list is Pexels, Which also provides many free stock images like Unsplash but it's just another platform. One thing that Pexels has is advanced image filtering and one of them is filter by color.
Pixabay Homepage
The last on the list is Pixabay and this is pretty much like Unsplash and Pexels. They have more than 1.8 million high-quality stock images.

Do mix and match these sources and make sure to credit the image to their owner if you are using it. Do let us know which other stock images collection in the comment below.
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