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How to Switch Between Composer Version 1 and 2

Learn how to switch between composer version 1 and version 2 with few simple commands easily.

3 months ago

4 mins read


Many legacy projects require a dependency that still running on composer version 1 but what if your current composer version is 2? In this short post, you'll learn how to switch between version 1 and version 2 with few simple commands.

Switching Versions

To change to version one run the self-update command and pass in the --1 flag. This will change composer to version one and now you can install your dependencies.
composer self-update --1
Once you have installed your dependencies, now you can run the same command and pass in --2 as the flag and this will switch back to composer version 2.
composer self-update --2

Switching Specific Version

You can also change to a specific version which includes the minor version number as well and it's like below.
composer self-update 1.10.22
composer self-update 2.1.3

Update and Revert Version

To update the composer to the latest version, simply run the "self-update" command, and to revert back to the previous version do pass in the --rollback.
composer self-update
composer self-update --rollback

Preview Version

For anyone that's interested to use the preview version, the command below will allow you to get the pre-released version.
composer self-update --preview

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