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How to Send money to Singapore from Malaysia

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Transferwise 101

In this post, you'll be learning how to transfer money easily from Malaysia to Singapore and we'll be using Transferwise. As stated on their website Transferwise is "a cheaper, faster way to send money abroad" and they hold true to their words where each transaction has a very low fee rate, and the speed is very fast making it the ideal way to transfer money across different countries.
Transferwise Homepage

Register at Transferwise

To register at Transferwise all you need to do is visit their website and fill up the basic details required as well as a user ID verification card where it can be an Identity card, Passport or any other documents they required depending on the country you lived in. Upon successful registration, you may log into the dashboard and from there you can Transfer Money, View History, Add Debit cards as well as Recipients to easily transfer money to their respective bank accounts. The user interface of Transferwiser is quite straightforward and easy to understand at a glance so do go through it on your own.
Send money using Transferwise
Aside from transferring money from Malaysia to Singapore, there are other various countries that are supported such as transferring money from Malaysia to Indonesia and transferring money from Malaysia to the Philippines. Do have a look at their supported countries across continents as it truly enables global transfer.

Free RM 500

When using our link to Register at Transferwise you will be able to get a free international transfer of RM 500 and this is really worth it as you can save a lot of money from paying a transfer fee. Do make sure to always be on the lookout though since the currency exchange rate always goes ups and downs and do find the right time to perform such actions.

Trasferwiser Mobile Application

The mobile apps counterpart for Google Play and Apple App Store is also available and they work on the go, it's really handy and super straight forward to use and offers the same functionality as the web application.
Transferwise mobile application
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