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How to install the entire Google Fonts library on macOS Big Sur

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In this post, I'll be showing you how to install Google Fonts on macOS Big Sur. The steps are quite straightforward so make sure you follow along.

Download All Google Fonts

The first step that you have to do is to download all Google Fonts from the GitHub repository. The directory is zipped by default when you download it and the size is around 600MB. That's undoubtedly a lot but it contains the whole collection of google fonts.
macOS Big Sur Font Book

Open Font Book

The next step is to open the Font Book directory on macOS (use spotlight to find this). Next, we have to reveal the location of all the fonts in macOS so that we know where it is placed. To do that right-click on any of the fonts and show in the finder. The popup menu will look like below.
Right click any of the existing fonts

Transfer Google Fonts

From the google fonts-master directory, we have to filter the fonts by extension by typing ".ttf" which is to get all files with the TrueType Font. When it's already filtered you will be looking at a font of more than 4000 files. Next, you will have to copy all of the fonts and paste them into the fonts directory. Do note that the size will be around 1GB.

What the transfer is complete do try to look for the font in your preferred text editor. Lastly, try searching for "karla" font and apply the font to the text editor. I hope the steps are straightforward enough and if there are any questions, do comment below and have fun.
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