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How to Install Older Version of Laravel using Composer

Learn how to install older version of laravel using composer for project that may require older version of laravel

7 months ago

12 mins read


Installing an old version of Laravel is quite straight forward and we can directly use the composer create-project command to generate it.

Composer create-project

To install the old version of Laravel, the easiest way is to use the composer create-project command. Using this command we only have to specify the project name and Laravel version that we want it to be installed and there you go it's ready.
composer create-project laravel/laravel your-project-name 6.0.*

Laravel Installer

If you prefer using the Laravel installer make sure to install it first by using the command below. And once it's installed do run "laravel new" command to create the latest version of Laravel.
composer global require laravel/installer

laravel new your-project-name
Once it's created, update the composer.json file and change the Laravel version. Next, remove the vendor file and run composer install. Now you can run "php artisan" and you will be able to see the version that you have set.

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