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How to easily generate Android and IOS app icons cover

How to easily generate Android and IOS app icons

Learn how to generate Android and IOS app icons

6 months ago

6 mins read


Generating Android and IOS app icons can be a bit complicated as it requires different types of resolutions and multiple image assets for different types of devices. In this post, you will learn how to generate these assets easily.

To easily generate the icons for both platforms, we will be using and the only assets that we need is the logo of our application.
The steps are simple which is to:

  1. Upload the image asset into the website
  2. Select the platform/device that you want the icon to be generated
  3. Generate the icon and download the assets

Those are the only steps and the generated icons will contain all of the necessary assets. Once you download the assets already, you can copy and paste it into your project and your application will have a suitable icon for the different platforms and devices.

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