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How to add Google Adsense for Nuxt Js Application

Learn how you can add Google Adsens to Nuxt Js to generate side income

3 years ago

10 mins read


In this post, you'll learn how to add / setup Google Adsense in Nuxt Js. There are 3 ways to implement this and we'll be starting with the simplest method.

Method 1 - Using the Community Package

The first method is to use the community package nuxt-community/google-adsense-module and this will ensure the right configuration be placed in the application.
yarn add @nuxtjs/google-adsense
First, you just have to include it in the project, and secondly define the required configuration in nuxt.config.js file.
const config = {
  modules: [

 'google-adsense': {
    id: 'ca-pub-#########'

export default config

Method 2 - Override App.html Template

The 2nd method will override the default app template that Nuxt has by default. By default, every page will extend from this template and it's perfect to define global changes.
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html {{ HTML_ATTRS }}>
  <head {{ HEAD_ATTRS }}>
    {{ HEAD }}
    <script data-ad-client="ca-pub-#########" async src=""></script>
  <body {{ BODY_ATTRS }}>
    {{ APP }}

Method 3 - Update nuxt.config.js head configuration

The last method would be to update the head configuration of the nuxt.config.js file. It will look as follow.
const config = {
  head: {
    script: [
        src: '',
        'data-ad-client': 'ca-pub-#########',
        async: true

export default config
Make sure to update "ca-pub-#########" with your Google Adsense id. Now run "yarn dev" and then inspect the page to see the head section. You will now see the Google Adsense code there.

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