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Free Icons Library For Your Mobile and Web Project

Get a free collection of icons library that's open-source and available for your mobile and web projects

2 years ago

7 mins read


In this post, we'll be sharing 5 icons libraries that you can use for your mobile and web projects to make it more visually attractive and more user-friendly. Without further ado, let's get started!

Icons Libary 1: Remix Icon

The first icon library is Remix icon and it has more than 2200 icons as of this writing and it has a unique style with many different types of icons that will facilitate your needs. It has collections of Buildings, Business, Communication, Design, Development, Device, Document, Editor, Finance, Health & Medicine, Logos, Map, Media, System, User & Faces, Weather and more. Do give it a look and try it for your next project.
Remix Icon Homepage

Icons Library 2: Feather Icons

The next icons library is Feather Icons and it has more than 250 icons as of this writing and the style of these icons are quite rounded and perfect fit for most mobile and web projects. Although it doesn't have many variations like Remix icons, you still have to give this a try
Feather Icons Homepage

Icons Library 3: Fontawesome 6

The next on the list is Fontawesome version 6 and although this is considered as freemium (free-premium) the total number of icons is only 1734 at the time of this writing. They are still one of my favorites and if you upgrade to pro, you will get access to the 5 different styes of icons (Solid, Regular, Light, Thin, Duotone). Do give them a try and let me know in the comments down below.
Font Awesome 6 Icons Page

Icons Library 4: Google Material Icons

Google Material Icons is also one of the best on the list and they have many different styling such as (Outlined, Filled, Rounded, Sharp, and Two-tone) with a total of 1,358 icons as of this writing. Although occasionally I am using this icon, it feels to me that at the first glance it feels like it's so Google-like. Depending on the app or project, Google Material Icons is still a great fit and a great recommendation from me.
Google Material Icons Homepage

Icons Library 5: IconHub

Finally, the 5th icons library is IconHub, and just like descriptions "Just practical stunning icons for everyone" they have quite a good collection of icons. It's always updated and currently, they have 2800+ icons with 6 icon styles (Line, Glyph, Line Color, Flat Color, Flat Line, Multi-Color).
IconHub Homepage

Above are all of the Icons Library that we have in our collections, what do you think of those libraries? do you have any other open and free libraries? do share your thoughts in the comments down below. Cheers and have a good one, make sure to share it with your friends.

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