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Best JavaScript Resource for Beginners in 2021

My collection of javascript resources for beginners from zero to hero

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There are many free online resources out there to learn JavaScript, but most of it only focused on some part of the language and not teaching the fundamentals and core concepts of JavaScript. This can cause new programmers to not fully understand the behavior of JavaScript and can lead to further confusion.

In this post, I am going to list out some of the resources that I personally used to learn JavaScript, which I consider as the only guides that beginner needs. All of the resources that will be listed below are free and suitable for all beginners as well as experienced developers.
Yes, "You Don't Know JS Yet" is the first resource that I recommended for new programmers that want to learn serious JavaScript. YDKJS is a series of books written by Kyle Simpson that goes through all corners of the JavaScript language. It’s well written and suitable for all beginners who are starting to learn JavaScript as well as experienced developers that want to deep dive into understanding JavaScript.
You Don't Know JS (1st Edition)
You can read all the books for free on Github, or if you prefer the paperback version, you can visit the link to O’Reilly from the Github page. I personally recommend starting with the Up & Going title of the series where it will cover all the fundamental parts of JavaScript and then start with the next title series incrementally. The reason is mainly that each title series depends on each other and it links the concepts together. There’s also the video version of the series on Pluralsight but this is paid course, so I recommend that you read the text version of it.
You Don't Know JS Yet 2nd Edition
This next resource is a video tutorial by Tony Alicea, and the first 3.5 hours of the content is free on YouTube. In this video, he explained JavaScript thoroughly from start to finish. His way of teaching JavaScript is very enjoyable and he explained all the fundamentals and core concepts of JavaScript on his PowerPoint. It’s very interactive and if you are the type that loves to learn from looking at visualization, this video might be the right one for you.

Although it’s only the first 3.5 hours out of the full 12-hour course, it worth the time to watch and understand the fundamental part of JavaScript. The full link to the video course is available in the video description if you are interested.

3 - JavaScript | MDN

If you come across some JavaScript keywords, functions, or anything related to JavaScript that you don’t understand, JavaScript MDN is the right place to go.

This website is the dictionary for JavaScript. All of the guides and documentation for JavaScript are available there and will always be updated. Make sure to bookmark it and make use of the search functionality provided on the website.
JavaScript MDN Homepage


In conclusion, that’s pretty much the resource that I recommend the most for new beginners. I personally learn JavaScript from those resources and I can say that it’s one of the best out there.

There are a lot more resources that are worth mentioning. But in my opinion, you have to pick one and focus on it. Learn and extract the information from it and try to understand the content that’s being delivered.

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any suggestions or corrections, do comment below. I am trying to provide the best content possible, so please share it with your friends and colleagues if you find it useful. Happy Learning!
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