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10 must have apps on your smart phone

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There's so many apps today that can do almost anything nowdaysµ and in this post we'll be looking at the top 10 must have apps for your android device. The list is for all category and not in order but each of these apps serve and has it's own importance.


Whatever the occasion, Spotify is a must have app when you need to listen to music. It's one of the go to music streaming platform and it has all of genres and category you could ask for. Although it they have a premium plan which require a monthly subscription, the free plan would suffice for most of the users. What's better for Spotify is that it's available for all the platforms so you won't miss any of your music whenever you switch a device.


Notion is a note taking app, todo app, productivity app, planner app and almost anything that had to do with being productive. You can organise your custom workflow and create a template which suits your needs. It consists of many different integration and although it vary depending on the use case, it's connected with each other and very seamless to set up. Widgets could also be embedded into the page if necessary to provide a visual presentation of a document.


When searching for tickets for an event, venue or even a place to book, Klook provides the widest offer and they are at a discount rate. The features that they provide in this category is almost complete and they provide the best offers you can get. This offers is available worldwide and really recommended if traveling is your hobby or for just visiting some place in general.

Google Photos

Everyone loves to take pictures and from time to time the image file size will eventually eat up their storage capacity of their phone device. Google Photos is a highly recommend apps for photos backup in the cloud. They offers free 1920hd unlimited image upload which is accessible everywhere. Other than that jt also support videos so you can save your memories.
  • Netflix
  • Google Translate
  • Moovit
  • Telegram
  • Google Chrome
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