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Solving Laravel Access denied for user 'homestead'@'localhost' the Easy Way

Learn how to solve the access denied error for homestead users at localhost for local Laravel development using an easy method

Created on Nov 08, 2021


Sometimes you might come across an "access denied" error when starting a new Laravel development and to solve this problem you can make use of the following easy steps.

Step 1: Update .env file DB Credentails

The 1st step is to update the environment file and DB credentials located inside the ".env" file. Do note that the setting will be depending on your database provider "MySQL" or "PostgreSQL" and etc.

Step 2: Clear Cache

Once you have updated the DB_ values you need to clear the cache so that Larave read the new updated environment files.
php artisan config:clear

Step 3: Restart Server

If you are using a Local server then you can restart and rerun "php artisan serve" once again.
php artisan serve
Otherwise, if you are using Valet or Homestead do restart it manually using the available commands.
valet restart
Laravel Homestead restarts command.
vagrant reload --provision
Lastly, if you are using WAMP / XAMPP / MAMP do use the GUI start and stop button to restart it.

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