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Setting up Laravel Breeze for new Laravel Project

Learn how to set up Laravel breeze and get your authentication scaffolding ready for your project

Created on Jul 07, 2021


Laravel Breeze has just been introduced in Laravel 8 but in the previous version of Laravel, it's referred to as Laravel scaffolding.

Below are the features provided by Laravel Breeze.
  • Simple implementation of all of Laravel's authentication features
  • Login
  • Registration
  • Password reset
  • Email verification
  • Password confirmation

Setting up Laravel Breeze is very easy and straight forward so let's get started.

1 - Require the package with PHP composer
composer require laravel/breeze --dev

2 - Install Laravel Breeze
This command will publish the authentication views, routes, controllers, and other resources to your application.
php artisan breeze:install

3 - Require all front-end dependencies and compile assets for development
yarn && yarn dev

4 - Run Migration
php artisan migrate

Now when you view the home page of your project you will see the Login & Register link right on the top right side of your page.

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