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Saving A Single Model Without Events in Laravel 8

Learn how to save Model without triggering the event in Laravel 8

Created on Sep 05, 2021


Sometimes you may need to "save" a given model without dispatching any events in Laravel. You may accomplish this using the "saveQuietly" method instead of the normal "save" method.

saveQuietly Laravel 8


$article = Article::findOrFail(1);

$article->title = 'Article Number 1';

By using "saveQuietly" you can prevent "dispatching event looping" which when if the Article model for this example has "$dispatchesEvents" property and it keeps on firing the same event over and over again.

 * The event map for the model.
 * @var array
protected $dispatchesEvents = [
    'updated' => ArticleSaved::class,
    'saved' => ArticleSaved::class,
Do note that this feature is only available in Laravel 8 to work.

withoutEvents Laravel 7/8

For older Laravel versions you can make use of the "withoutEvents" static method like below.

$user = User::withoutEvents(function () use () {
    $user = User::find(1);
    $user->name = 'John';

    return $user;

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