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Laravel Retrieve or Create Method

Learn the 2 different types of method to retireve a model or create it in Laravel

Created on Aug 04, 2021


There are 2 methods that allow you to retrieve a model if exists otherwise create or update the model instance. These methods are:
  • firstOrCreate()
  • updateOrCreate()

Laravel FirstOrCreate Method
This method allows you to retrieve the first model of the given condition if available, otherwise a new model instance will be created and stored in the database.

$post = Post::firstOrCreate(['title' => 'post 2']);

// if 'post 1' exists the it will be retrieved
// otherwise 'post 1' doesn't exists, 'post 2' will be created

A more complex condition to retrieve the model will be like below.

Post::where('slug', 'post-1')
    ->firstOrCreate([/* your content here*/]);

Laravel UpdateOrCrate Method
For this method, you can update the existing model or create a new modal.
Post::updateOrCreate(['slug' => 'post-1'], ['slug' => 'post-1', 'summary' => 'hello world']);

The code above will try to update the post with a slug called 'post-1' with the value of the summary. If it doesn't exists then the new post will be created,

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