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Laravel firstOrCreate Code Example

Let's get started with Laravel firstOrCreate method code example

Created on Oct 29, 2021


In this short snippet, you will learn how to make use of the "firstOrCreate" method in Laravel to retrieve an existing model and if it doesn't exist then it will create a new record. For the example let's find the post with a slug called "hello-world" and if it doesn't exists, then create a new model that has the word "hello-world" as a slug and "Hello World" for the title.

use App\Models\Post;

$post = Post::firstOrCreate(
    ['slug' => 'hello-world],
    ['slug' => 'hello-world', 'title' => 'Hello World']

// No need to call $post->save() method
The "firstOrCreate" method accepts 2 parameters which the 1st one is the attribute to search the model and the 2nd one is the attributes that will be used to create the model.

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