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Laravel Eager Load Order By

Learn how to order by a relationship when eager loading a model.

Created on Aug 28, 2021


In this short snippet, you will learn how to order by an eloquent eager loaded relationship.

Option 1: Always order by Column

If you always want to get the relationship ordered by a certain column then you can pass the constrain within the relationship function from the model. For example get user "posts" ordered by descending "created_at" then you can define your code below.

// from the user model
public function posts() {
  return this->hasMany(Post::class)->orderByDesc('created_at');

Option 2: Order by relationship on demand

If you want to order by an eager loaded relationship on-demand then you can pass in a function when defining the eager loading. The code will be like below.

User::with(['posts' => function ($query) {
So the code above will retrieve the first user with the post relation order by descending "created_at" column.

Option 3: Sort Eager load relationship on existing model

If you have the model instance already then you can also pass in the condition within the "load" method.

$user = User::first();

$user->load(['posts' => function ($query) {
By now you should be able to Eager Load Order By in Laravel. Thanks for reading and If you find this snippet to be helpful do share it with your friends. Cheers!

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