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Inertia.​js PHP Storm Plugin

Get better support for inertia.js in PHP Storm with Inertia.​js Support Plugin

Created on Aug 26, 2021


Inertia.​js Support Plugin is a new plugin available in JetBrains Marketplace and it provides support in PhpStorm and IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate for Inertia.js. This plugin is very useful in that it provides component autocompletion, find component usage, traversing components with CMD+Click, and more.

Step 1: Install Inertia.js PHP Storm Plugin

Firstly, do visit the plugin page and install the plugin by pressing the "Get" button. This will redirect you to the plugin download page, do choose the plugin for PhpStorm and it will download the plugin file.
Inertia.js Support Plugin Page

Do check on the right version for your IDE, in the case of writing it will be version "0.1.2" and it's for PhpStorm version "2021.2".
Inertia.js Download for PhpStorm

Step 2: Import and Enable Plugin from PhpStorm

To install the downloaded plugin you can press the 3 dots on the preference and "Install Plugin from Disk".  Once the installation is complete do restart PhpStorm and now you can enable the plugin.
Install plugin from preference

Step 3: Test and Run The Plugin

Now that the plugin has been installed, you can try any auto-completion and entering into the component using CMD+Click.
Inertia.js Pluggin Support for Component Auto-completion

Inertia.js Pluggin Support for CMD + Click enter component

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