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Installing MeiliSearch on macOS Big Sur

Learn how to install MeiliSearch the easy way on macOS Big Sur

Created on Jul 20, 2021


To install MeiliSearch on macOS you can make use of the Homebrew package manager.

Install Homebrew (brew)
If you haven't install the Homebrew package manager then you can run the script below on your terminal.
/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Update brew and Install MeiliSearch
Before installing anything with homebrew, it's recommended that you update homebrew with "brew update" to retrieve the latest packages from the online repository list. Once you have done so you can install it using "brew install meilisearch".
brew update && brew install meilisearch

Run MeiliSearch
To launch/run MeiliSearch, you can just type "meilisearch" and hit enter in your command line.

If you do prefer that it automatically run when your macOS is on, then you can run it as a background service.
brew services start meilisearch

To see the running brew services then you can type in the command below.
brew services list

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