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How to Wrap View Source Code in Firefox Browser

Get to know how to wrap the view source code page in your Firefox Browser to view source code easily without scrolling to the right

Created on Jul 14, 2022


In this short snippet, you will learn to wrap your source code in Firefox. It's very straight froward as you can do that via the right-click context menu on any of the page and then press "Wrap Long Lines".
Firefox Wrap Long Lines

After wrapping it with long lines

alternatively you can toggle this settings preference on the about:config page

  • Visit the about:config on your Firefox URL bar
  • Search view_source.wrap_long_lines and set to true
Do note that you need to accept the warning by clicking "I accept the risk!" to continue. 
Firefox about:config wrap_loong_lines

Thanks for reading, hope you learn the way to wrap source code firefox. cheers!

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