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How To Update Laravel Nova

Learn steps by steps on how to update Laravel Nova 3

Created on Jun 27, 2022


To update Laravel Nova 3 you can follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download Nova Updates (.zip) file

First, you have to download Nova 3 from the dashboard. In this case it will be Nova Version 3.32.0
Laravel Nova 3.32.0

Step 2: Rename The Download Zip File

By default, the name would be something like and with that, you need to rename it as "nova".

Step 3: Move To the Root Folder of your Laravel Project

Once you have renamed it, copy and paste it into your Laravel project root directory. If you have an existing old nova, it should by right get replaced with the new one.

Step 4: Run Update Command

Don't forget to run the composer update command to get all of the dependencies updated.
composer update

Step 5: Update Nova Assets

Next you can update nova assets and this will ensure you have the latest nova files and views.
php artisan nova:publish
php artisan view:clear

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