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How to Order By Multiple Columns in Laravel?


2 years ago


To order by multiple columns in Laravel you can make use of the "orderBy()" method and chain it multiple times for all the conditions. This method accepts the "column" as the 1st parameter and the ordering direction (ASC / DESC) as the 2nd parameter.

Method 1: Laravel Eloquent orderBy Multiple Column

To define your orderBy in your model you can write it like below.

    ->orderBy('published_at', 'ASC')
    ->orderBy('post_status', 'DESC')
The query above will produce the following Raw SQL  query.
SELECT * FROM `posts` ORDER BY `published_at` ASC, `post_status` DESC

Method 2: Using Order By Raw

You can also use orderByRaw method and it will accept the raw query.
    ->orderByRaw("published_at ASC, post_status DESC");

Extra: Passing Array

You may also pass an array of ordering criteria and loop it through if you may want a complex ordering.

$myTable->orders = [
    ['column' => 'coloumn1', 'direction' => 'desc'], 
    ['column' => 'coloumn2', 'direction' => 'asc']
And to iterate the code above you can write it like the following.

$query = DB::table('my_tables');

foreach ($request->get('order_by_columns') as $column => $direction) {
    $query->orderBy($column, $direction);

$results = $query->get();

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