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How to make Livewire Component


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To create/make a Livewire component you can make use of the "livewire:make" command.

Make Livewire Command
To make a new component you can run the command below and replace the "<ComponentName>" with the component you want to create.
php artisan make:livewire <ComponentName>

Component Examples
Below are some of the components that you can come up with.
php artisan make:livewire PopularPosts
php artisan make:livewire ShowPosts
php artisan make:livewire AllComments
php artisan make:livewire LikeBox

Component Inside Sub-folder
If you plan to have the component inside a sub-folder then you can make use of "/" to separate it. 
php artisan make:livewire Post/Popular
php artisan make:livewire Post/Show
php artisan make:livewire Post/Likes

Livewire Inline Component
Sometimes you might need to create inline components which do not require separate views. To generate that you can pass on the "--inline" flag.
php artisan make:livewire PopularPosts --inline

The generate Livewire component should be as follows.
namespace App\Http\Livewire;

class PopularPosts extends Component
    public function render()
        return <<<'blade'
            <div>Popular posts here</div>

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