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How to Loop OR condition in Laravel Eloquent


2 years ago


To loop the OR condition in Laravel Eloquent you can call the WHERE condition and passing a closure (anonymous function) to the method. By doing so you can execute your loop within the function which then will continue chaining the OR conditions.

$attributes = ['first'=>'a', 'second'=>'b', 'third' => 'c'];

$query = Post::where('user_id', 1)
    ->where(function ($query) use ($attributes) {
        foreach ($attributes as $key=>value)
            // you can use orWhere the first time, doesn't need to be ->where
If you are writing the code above manually then you may need to call the OR condition one at a time in which if the column is more than 20 or maybe it's a dynamic column, then it would be hard to manage.

$query = Post::where('user_id', 1)
    ->where('first', 'a')
    ->orWhere('second', 'b')
    // more conditions here
    ->orwhere('third', 'c');
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