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How to hide search box in select2

Learn how to hide the search box when the select dropdown is open in select2 library

Created on Aug 30, 2021


In this short snippet, you will learn how to hide the search box on the select2 dropdown.

Hide Search box in Single select

In order to hide the search box in select2, you can hide the search box by setting "minimumResultsForSearch" to a negative value.
    minimumResultsForSearch: -1
Otherwise, you can set the value to infinity like the following.
    minimumResultsForSearch: Infinity

Hide Search box in Multi-select

To hide the search box in multi-select you can write your code like below.

$('#select').on('select2:opening select2:closing', function( event ) {
    var $searchfield = $(this).parent().find('.select2-search__field');
    $searchfield.prop('disabled', true);
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