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How to easily pass data to all views in Laravel 8?


2 years ago


In this short snippet, you will learn how to pass data to all views in Laravel 8 so that it's accessible for all blade templates.

Method 1: Share via ‍boot function in AppServiceProvider

The first method is to share the variable via the "boot()" function in AppServiceProvider and by passing your data like the following it will be shared across all the views.
<?php // App\Providers\AppServiceProvider

public function boot()
  view()->share('key', 'value');

Method 2: View Composer

The next method is to use view composer and you can define your code like below. This will ensure that it's shared to all views "*" and the data that's being passed on for this example is the "posts"'.

    ->composer('*', function ($view) {
        $posts = Post::take(10)->get();

        $view->with('posts', $posts);

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