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How to Disable New User Registration in Laravel

Learn how to disable new user registration in Laravel using these several ways

Created on Nov 14, 2021


There are several ways to disable new user registration in Laravel and you get to each of the methods below.

Method 1: Disable Registration Via Laravel Fortify

If you installed Laravel with Fortify then you can change config/fortify.php configuration and comment out the "Features::registration()" features.

'features' => [
    // Features::registration(), // --------> comment out this
    // Features::emailVerification(),

Method 2: Set Register Route to False

The 2nd method is to set the registration route to false and you can easily do so from within the "routes/web.php" file itself.

Auth::routes(['register' => false]);

Method 3: Redirect User to Somewhere Else

The 3rd method is to redirect user to somewhere else after accessing the "/register" path and you can do so from within the "routes/web.php".

// Redirect from register page to home page
Route::get('/register', function () {
    return redirect('/');

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