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How to Customize validation error messages in Laravel?

Learn how to customize validation error messages in your Laravel application to get more granular control of what to show to the user

Created on Aug 13, 2021


Laravel provides default error messages that are sufficient enough for most validation scenarios. In addition to that default one, you can add a custom validation error messages that you can define within the "resources/lang/[language]/validation.php" file.

The validation errors can be defined in a key-value pair manner but you have to provide the appropriate structure in order for it to work.

Below is an example of how you can define the error validation message.
<?php # resources/lang/en/validation.php

return [
    'custom' => [
        'email' => [
            'required' => 'We need to know your email address!',
            'max' => 'Your email address is too long!'

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