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How to Check Laravel Version (Full Guide)

Get to know the ways to check Laravel versions in this code snippets

Created on Nov 13, 2021


There are several ways to check Laravel versions and they are through
  • command line
  • programmatically from code
  • composer.json file
  • helper methods

Method 1: Laravel Check Version from Command Line

To check version from the command line you can use the command below.
php artisan --version
or the slightly shorter is:
php artisan -v
Laravel Check Version Using Command Line

Method 2: Laravel Check Version Programmatically from code

To check the version from Laravel code you can define your code below. Create a route in web.php and then call the "app()->version()" helper.

Route::get('get-laravel-version', function () {
Laravel Get Version Programmatically

Method 3: Laravel Check Version Via Composer.json

The 3rd method is to check from the composer.json file itself, you can inspect the Laravel version.
Laravel version from composer.json

Method 4: Laravel Check Version Via Helper methods

This is like the 2nd method but you can easily call it from within the tinker command.
php artisan tinker
Then from the interactive shell, you can run the helper below.

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