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How to Check For Two isset in Laravel Blade Views

Learn how to check for multiple isset in laravel blade to determine if criteria is met

Created on Jun 29, 2021


Checking if a variable is defined and not empty can be achieved with "isset" and in Laravel blade you can make use of the provided directive.

Check single isset
Checking single isset with blade directive
    <p>{{ $user->username }}</p>

Checking Multiple isset
To check multiple isset with blade directive you can define it like below. Do note that this isset is check with AND and not an OR.
@isset($user->username, $user->gender)
    {{ $user->username }} {{ $user->gender }}

To check if the value is set to only one of the values, you still have to use the if directive.
@if(isset($user->username) || isset($user->gender))
    {{ $user->username }} {{ $user->gender }}

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