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How to Access JSON Object Keys Having Spaces in JavaScript

Learn how to access JSON Object keys having spaces in JavaScript the easy way

Created on May 23, 2022


Access JSON Object with Bracket Notation

The easiest way to access JSON Object Keys is to use bracket notation (using square bracket) and it's as follows.
var tom = {
    "id": "111",
    "No. of siblings": "5"

console.log(tom["No. of siblings"]);

Accessing Nested Array with Bracket Notation

The same goes for accessing nested arrays, you can use the array index and then refer to the array notation to get the empty spaces.
var toms = [
    "id": "111",
    "No. of siblings": "5"
    "id": "112",
    "No. of siblings": "3"

console.log(toms[0]["No. of siblings"]);

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