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Getting Started with Laravel Breeze

Learn how to get started with Laravel Breeze for new Laravel projects

Created on Sep 14, 2021


Laravel Breeze is the official starter kit for the Laravel project. This starter kit provides authentication features that include login, registration, password resets, email verification, and password confirmation by default. By default, it also includes Tailwind CSS so you get a little bit of styling on the front-end.

How to add Laravel Breeze

To include Laravel Breeze into your new Laravel project you can use the simple composer command line as follows.
composer require laravel/breeze --dev
Do note that it will be installed within the "require-dev" list. Now that it's required already you need to call the command to publish the additional files that contain the authentication and etc.
php artisan breeze:install
php artisan migrate
For the front-end assets, you need to run npm install and compile the source file.
npm install
npm run dev
If you are using yarn then run the following command.
yarn dev

Laravel Breeze Preview

Below is the preview after Laravel Breeze is installed into the newly created Laravel Project.
Laravel Breeze

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