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Getting Started With Expose to Share Local Laravel Sites Online

Learn how to get started with Expost to share your local Laravel site online via secure tunnel

Created on Nov 07, 2021


In this short snippet we'll be getting into setting up Expose to share our site online with a line of command.
Expose Dashboard

Step 1: Install Expose

First, you need to install Expose globally using composer command.
composer global require beyondcode/expose
Do note that you need the global composer directory in your path.
export PATH=~/.composer/vendor/bin:$PATH

Step 2: Share Your Website Online

Now that you have to expose installed you can run the share command which will create a link that's accessible on the internet.
expose share http://localhost:8000

# or if you are using local domain
expose share example-app.test
Do note that you need a token that you can generate from so make sure to register for a free account first.

By now you should be able to share your local Laravel development site online with your colleague. Thanks for reading and do check out our other tutorials for more guides!


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