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Adding Other Method to Resource Controller in Laravel

Learn how to add new method to resource controller in Laravel from within the routes/web.php file

Created on Nov 14, 2021


To add another method to the resource you can define a new one below the route resource definition on the "routes/web.php" file. For an example, you can see the command below where it's creating a new controller called "ArticleController" and having the "-r" flag which stands for "resource".
php artisan make:controller ArticleController -r
By default it will have all the "index", "create", "store", "show", "edit", "update" and "destroy". Now if you want to add a new method to the existing resource you can define a new method such as the following.

namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use Illuminate\Http\Request;

class ArticleController extends Controller
    /* Your other codes here */

    public function trending()
        // your code logic here
Now from your "routes/web.php" file you can define your route resource as follow.

Route::resource('articles', \App\Http\Controllers\ArticleController::class);
Route::get('articles/trending', [\App\Http\Controllers\ArticleController::class, 'trending']);
If you want to view all of your routes available from within the application then you can run the route:list command.
php artisan route:list

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